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August 2021 Q&A Call #1

In this call, we did introductions, we talked about equipment, and we addressed scripting questions.

Remember, video is a muscle. Let's flex it!


Create a video based on the PST framework for your business. What is the problem you solve, the solution you offer, and the transformation your clients receive. The video can be between 2 and 5 minutes.

Make it messy. :)

Post your homework in the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1821659904756806


speaker 000:00:00And we're being recorded. Welcome to the August, 2021 round of the video bootcamp. And I always say this, and it's always the truth that this part of the whole process is the most exciting, because you're excited about the opportunities that are out there. Putting yourself out on video is, is a scary thing. It's a necessary thing, and it can grow your business in a way that I know you've seen it has done for other people. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to let me just run through a couple of things. I'm going to have you guys introduce yourselves. Actually, I haven't done that in the past because I made you do it on video, but you know what? This is video. So we're going to have the chance for you to know each other here within the program today. And I'm going to kind of run this like a mastermind.
speaker 000:00:59So it's going to be a mastermind in like an hour. What I want to do is make sure that you have access to the online portal where you all able to get inside and see that. If not, I'm just going to share my screen and show you very briefly what it looks like very, very briefly, because I just want to make sure that you know, what you have access to. And if by some chance you can not get in. I want you to make sure that you let me know. So it's programs dot Cheryl, tan, media.com. And it's in the welcome email because you are here. I know you got it. So it's in that email. And if you forget where that link you're like, where is it? It's also linked to my Cheryl tan media.com website. In any case, if you type programs, don't Cheryl tan media.com. You will get in you click sign in and currently your email is your, whatever your email is that you signed up for this program is both the email and the password. And then you can change it. But so that's not very secure. I get it. But whatever you signed up for this program with,
speaker 100:02:14That's what hold on.
speaker 000:02:17I can't do both things at once is what you can access your program through. I hope that makes sense. So now what you do is you will see all the programs that are in my program, wheelhouse, but you have access to the video boot camp. And so once you do that, all of the lessons are prerecorded and done. And I don't want you to get focused on the lessons because the lessons are not where the magic happens. The lessons will tell you what you need to know, but I, during these Q and a calls and really going to urge you to take it action. Just going to say that one more time. Action. Okay. So all you do. So for example, module one is what we'll be talking about. Primarily I imagine today is the preparation for your video creation. So watch this, these videos are like 10 minutes long.
speaker 000:03:10They're like not long, and I've got questions here. I've got transcripts for those of you who sort of want to do a little more thinking, there are questions to think about after each session. So do that. When you get a moment it's not necessary for, even for you to go through the program, like the videos, because we're going to be doing all of this together, but I know that there are components to how we all learn differently and all that. So it's all in here. There are transcripts, you can read if you want, and you can also watch the videos. There are slides, all of that is in there. And so I'll do the same thing for next week. I'll, I'll give you module two to watch module three, module four, module five, and there'll be homework for today. Okay. That's all. Any questions before I move on from this?
speaker 000:03:57Any questions? Okay, cool. If you don't get it, like if you haven't received it, let me know. Or if you have any problem at all getting in, please, please let me know. All right, let me get out of here. I always have problems getting out of this. And so I want to say a couple of things that I, you know, used to not really highlight. And now I really feel like I need to is that video is a muscle. If you've never created a video for yourself before, and ginger is going to talk about her experience in a minute, ginger creates a lot of videos, but I don't know if you create them for yourself, right? You don't create them for you on camera, as much
speaker 200:04:40As you're creating them for other people.
speaker 000:04:43So remember that, remember that she does that, but at the same time, I'm going to ask her to forget that because I want, and by the way, when I get coaching as well, I go for people who helped me get on camera. It's not because I'm scared. It's not because I don't know what I'm doing. It's because I'm working with other clients. And my focus is that not on being on camera. So what you can understand is that my focus is on you being on camera. And so I'm going to ask ginger ginger to put off, take off the hat that she uses when she is working with her other clients, and really think about what she is going to share with the world, because she has a lot, she's got a lot of connections. She'll be telling you that in just a minute. So we are a community of really amazing business women.
speaker 000:05:33And in order to tap into that, we need to start talking about it. And okay, so, so it just, I want to say that video is a muscle and if you ever are like, oh, I can't do that. I don't ever want to hear that because you can. And I'm not sure what to say and it's okay, but you can, and we can help you reframe everything that needs to out of your mouth. And we're going to do this in a safe space. We're going to do it in a safe space. I just got off the phone with another potential client. And she was saying, you know, I just, I, I want to be able to say the right things to the right people. And I'm like, awesome. First, we got to say something before we even know whether it's right. We have to say something.
speaker 000:06:18And that's what I'm really going to encourage you and to push you to do okay. So before hang on just a second. I want to make sure I have everything here. Oh, that's what I wanted to do. I'm going to, I want everyone to introduce herself. And while you're doing that, I would love for you to start off by telling me what success looks like for you, success in this program. Okay. What success looks like for you in this program, and then tell us what you do, where you live. Cause we will live in really cold places. All of us live in really cold places. So what you, what success looks like, who you are and what you do. The other thing I want to say before going any further is that by the end of this program, my goal is for you to have four videos created.
speaker 000:07:09I feel like I should probably let you know, that is before the end of this five weeks, I would like four videos created from you. Now, whether you publish them into the world, that's going to be up to you, but they will be ready to, if I, if I can help you with that, I will, but you will create four videos. That's my goal for you. And if you publish them even better and, you know, figure out a drip schedule, like it doesn't have to be all at once that you publish it. But we'll talk about that in a minute. All right. So let me, ginger, I'm going to start with you because you're at my top left. So what does success look like for you in the program, who you are and what you do?
speaker 200:07:54So thanks Cheryl. I am ginger redone was set in motion, marketing and media and success looks like a success for me, particularly, it looks like again, building that muscle and having such emotional memory that it just becomes part of my routine. I kind of process this concept of making it for me this weekend. When I realized that I had spent my Saturday working on my business, as well as my client's business. And I thought, okay, now that's something that I need to get accustomed to doing. It just needs to be on the schedule. It needs to be acceptable in my little brain to do the work for my business. And this, the video part of it is as part of working on my business and making sure that my marketing message is out there just as strongly as the marketing messages that I'm preparing for my own clients. So that's what success looks like for me. I live in bend Oregon. It's a beautiful place. It's a destination, a resort area, and I just happen to live here. Full-time that's
speaker 000:09:06Awesome. And what do you do? What does your, your business, you set in motion
speaker 200:09:09Set in motion, marketing and media is a digital marketing agency. So I literally touch all the digital aspects of my client's business. So that could be there a website. I don't build websites, but I certainly consult on them. Look at the content, look at the design. I do the SEO work on them. In addition to doing social media marketing, I do email marketing. I do blog writing. Anything that falls into that digital space is what I touch for my clients. And as I was sharing with Cheryl earlier, I've met some amazing people over the past 18 months. My, my business has grown drastically dramatically over the past 18 months during the pandemic. Very grateful for that. And very grateful for meeting all of these incredible professionals that I've worked with.
speaker 000:09:58That's awesome. Congratulations. It's it. It really is amazing. And so what I like to tell clients is this is, this is the only part you can't outsource the rest of your business. A lot of the things you can outsource to professionals like ginger, but you showing up on camera cannot be outsourced to anybody else. Like sometimes I wish that could be, but that's something that's called something else. What you're here to do is something that cannot be outsourced. Everything else somebody else can do, but this is not something that anyway, anyway, so awesome. I'm so thrilled that you, that you have have joined us in gender. I will be honest. I, I met ginger in another program that we were in together and I would never have thought that someone who is ginger edits, video and interviews clients. And it does, I would never have thought someone who was so good at communications would need this kind of support. But then I thought about it. I'm like, I get that because I don't spend in this time here. I'm not focusing on me, I'm focusing on you. So it's hard to really focus on yourself. And so I really, I respect that and I'm really appreciate that. Thank you. Okay, Cynthia, Tyler. Good morning and good afternoon. Okay. What does success look like for you? What you do and where are you located?
speaker 100:11:27All right, good afternoon, everyone. My name is Cynthia Tyler. And what I do is I'm an educator. I teach college as well as I teach high school. And I'm also a business owner. I own a travel agency franchise as well as an embroidery business, which they're very, both of those are very particular as to who my are. However, what I'm looking at now. I'm sure we spoke about this really, really briefly months ago, but I'm actually venturing into this. Now. I'm actually looking into coaching and speaking space for teachers. I'm looking at first, second year teachers and really being able to coach them and mentor them, being an educator and going into leadership. So that's what I'm focused on. Now, what success looks like to me is really having a set schedule. When I sit down and do my videos, I have a podcast as well called the teacher's lounge.
speaker 100:12:33And at one time I was on a schedule and it felt really comfortable. And then something happened, things shifted. And I, I haven't been doing my podcast and I felt really bad and I need to get back on that. But I noticed when I was on the schedule, I was more confident. That's the other thing I'm trying to work on is being confident on my content. I know I have good content, but it's the confidence in saying it and putting it out there in the space as I need to work on that. But I did notice when I was consistent, I became more confident with my content and I want to get back to that where I'm doing my podcasts as well as now. I want to do the video because I want to do the speaking and the coaching. And I really want to get myself out and then be on a schedule and stay on that, get it on the calendar.
speaker 000:13:23Awesome. And handclaps for you. Okay. You're and you're in, what's up.
speaker 100:13:28Sorry. I'm in Portsmouth, Virginia. Okay. That's
speaker 000:13:31Phenomenal. Okay. We'll get to that one to get on a schedule. Okay. Lakshmi please. What does success look like for you? What do you do and where are you living right now?
speaker 200:13:42So good evening. I'm in Europe, in Denmark and I'm really delighted to join all of you here. It looks like a really great group, by the way, what success looks like for me? I think you gave me the words, ginger, like if I could have a marketing message that people resonate comes from Lakshmi, that will be so cool. I'm a therapist and the heater. And so I can talk on a lot of topics, which I do, but I'm very random. So another aspect of success for me would be a little, like you said, Cynthia is having the schedule and having a, having a plan. So maybe I group topics together and, you know, post them in the same month, on the same couple of months. But, but really for me, success would be just this consistency of being seen as that kind of therapist. You know, I'm not going to draw everybody to me. I don't want to be a therapist for everybody either, but there's the people who come to me, it's always a good fit. Like there's something that resonates for them. And I think to get that across this empathy, this compassion, this way that I listen and the way that I, because I'm a therapist and a healer, it's a nice combination, but not everybody's drawn to it. And I want to get that across. So I meet my people.
speaker 000:15:08Yeah, that's really great. I think. And so as we, we'll, we'll delve into all of that because I think it for you, it will, it will be really being able to see, so clearly your clients, which I know you have an amazing number of them who love you. And it may be something as simple as interviewing them and talking about talking to them about what they love about you and really delving into that.
speaker 200:15:43Yeah. And it's interesting because I think that I'm really good one-on-one but this format is a little tricky for me. And I think again, another aspect of success for me would really be that I can love the camera and speak to the camera as I would speak with my clients. I think I, I struggle with that even now. And I'm not like that. If it was one-to-one, I'd be just so much more common with, so that is what for me also, and I'm yay for video is great. I'm I'm so signed optional. Oh no. I want, if I could do four videos over these next five weeks, seriously, you will hurdle.
speaker 000:16:22Oh no, you will. You all will like you all will. So I'm very confident in that. Congratulations. Yes. Okay. Sylvia, please. What does success look like for you? Where are you from what you do
speaker 200:16:35First? I have to you myself always remember the fact. So I am Sylvia Watford and I am a financial educator, a financial coach, and I am in Hampton, Virginia. And what success looks like for me, because video is just so popular and everyone is using it. I really want to fine tune that skill set so that I'm comfortable on camera. I'm talking about personal finances. And so doing it in a way that will entice people to listen to me, first of all, and really developing the skill sets to be effective at doing that. I really want to also create my brand in this space. I currently work at a credit union as a financial educator and a financial coach, and I want to use this opportunity to develop the skillset and really create my brand in the space of personal
speaker 000:17:40Awesome. Hi, I'm small world. When I was hosting a TV show, many years, Sylvia was my expert. So she was on TV with me and you've always done an amazing job. So it was funny again, like why would you reach out to me? You already know what you're doing, but you know what? It is a lot more than that. It's about finding people who, who, who, who can see what you can do past where you are currently.
speaker 200:18:14Absolutely. Because, you know, when I met Cheryl, that was the first time I was, I was there for on TV, you know, and people, you know, I did get positive feedback, but I believe in everything it's like, when you can tap into your skillset, like you have to grow in that. So I really want, I want to grow, you know, in that capacity. And I have to tell you, Cheryl was the best interviewer. I was just so sad when she wasn't there. And he was like, where's Cheryl, I'm so comfortable in everything. And I've been wanting to take this boot camp. So I'm just so glad that we were connected and I'm looking forward to learning so much from your share. 

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