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Video Bootcamp

Turn Your Cellphone Into A Marketing Machine

Create videos that showcase your expertise -even if you have never been in front of the camera before!

Imagine what it would be like to create consistent video content and be seen as THE expert in your industry.


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    You see how video can turn strangers into customers, yet you don't know where to start with equipment, how to create a compelling message on camera, what to wear.

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    You've spent countless hours watching other people’s YouTube videos, and you're really frustrated trying to make your home studio look better, connect with an audience, AND be good on camera.

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    You are creating videos, but it feels like you’re speaking to no one, and you’re not sure how to grow and engage your viewers.

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    Your job is now remote, and you must interact with clients and build relationships through video calls. Being on camera is not your main focus, and yet, being successful at it is critical right now.

You've come to realize you can't do this all by yourself.

You know you need help!Master Video TodayIntroducing the Video Bootcamp

If you're looking for guidance on how to show up on camera, what to say, and what you can do to reach the right audience with your videos, you are in the right place.

This is training, accountability, and support. You will learn simple video techniques you can lean on over and over again to build relationships and win clients using video.

The Video Bootcamp is an intense 5-week push designed to get you from zero to video FAST.

Learn the five steps to creating video that builds your personal brand.


Set the stage for video success. You will learn the foundation you need to create professional-looking videos from your home or office. Our focus is on audio, video, and lighting, and simple ways you can create a video set-up that suits your goals.


How will your videos serve you and your business? Here we dive deep into positioning your business message for success on video. You'll receive the No-Fail Video Content Creation Template and ways to create topics that are compelling to your target audience.


Creating videos takes time. But it shouldn't take ALL your time. Here, we talk about the best ways to create videos that maximize efficiency.


Your audience will never see a video you *don't* publish. Here you will focus on the steps you need to take to publish your videos. We discuss the power of learning how to edit videos simply as well as the importance of publishing consistently.


Promote more than you create. Creating consistent video content is important, but that doesn't mean you have to be creating all the time. Here, we talk about how you can promote the videos you create and get more eyes on the work you have already done.

What makes the Video Bootcamp Different?

Training led by a long-time TV news anchor turned consultant. Learn the presentation skills she teaches to entrepreneurs and corporations around the country.

A private Facebook group where you can post videos and get feedback. 

Easy-to-follow checklists, worksheets, and script templates so you have all the tools you need for video success.

What People Are Saying


"Cheryl has been instrumental in growing our marketing efforts! From the Video Bootcamp to one-on-one discussions with Cheryl about our company's specific needs, we have taken our marketing to the next level and are seeing results! Thank you, Cheryl, for the services you provide."

Joy Burton, Marketing Manager, Office Furniture Outlet


"Working with Cheryl Tan has been wonderful. Years of experience, attention to detail, and fun to collaborate with. Thank you!"

Scott Danner, CEO, Freedom Street Partners


"The Video Bootcamp offers valuable guidance for making video and using video for promoting your business. Cheryl's support during the process is unparalleled."

Kimberly Adams Tufts, Professor, Old Dominion University

Is The Video Bootcamp Right For You? WHO THIS IS FOR

  • Coaches, consultants, and online course creators who know video is something they want to master, but aren't sure where to begin
  • Small business owners who want to build engagement with their existing customers through video
  • Speakers and authors who are used to speaking to crowds in person, but need some added training to create a compelling message on camera
  • Experts in sales, marketing, management, or in professional services who want to become more comfortable using video and build relationships with clients online


  • People who want guaranteed results. Anything worthwhile takes time and effort. Videos are no different
  • People who are looking for done-for-you videos. This program will train and support you in messaging, scripting, and sharing tools for editing videos, but we will not edit videos for you
  • People who are not willing to publish what they create. Successful video creators know they must publish videos to succeed
  • People who think video views equal customers. At the end of the day, the views are just potential leads. You still must do good work

Join NOW and start preparing for your time in front of the camera.

Access the Video Bootcamp and go through it at your own pace.

  • Learn at your own pace. Lessons are available in our online platform so you can review the material in your own time
  • Checklists, worksheets, and templates that give you the steps you need for video success
  • Accountability challenges to keep you on track
  • Facebook community where you can post videos and get feedback on your work
  • BONUS: Editing 101 program
  • BONUS: YouTube Channel Checklist & Video Walkthrough

14 Modules

Module 1 - Prepare

Before you hit record, let’s get your shooting location and your equipment straight.

Module 2 - Position

Realtors are always talking about location, location, location. In video terms, it’s all about positioning. What message are you sharing related to who is listening to that message?

Module 3 - Process

Don’t spend all of your waking hours creating videos. Batch your shoots and save your sanity. You’ll learn how in this module.

Module 4 - Publish

Now that you have your raw videos, it’s time to edit them and PUBLISH them. No one sees a video you don’t publish.

Module 5 - Promote

You don’t necessarily have to create MORE content. More people have to learn about it. Promote more than you create.

IG Reels Cover Templates - BONUS from Patricia Del Rosario

Modules for this video resource 14

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