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Video Bootcamp

Everyone has a story to tell. Our mission is to help you tell it better on video.

Introducing: The Video Bootcamp

Confidence on camera doesn't happen overnight. It's a skill that requires practice. 

The Video Bootcamp provides leaders with the tools they need to build that skill, including comprehensive training, personalized support, and accountability in a virtual setting. 

Through consistent practice and guidance, participants can gain the confidence they need to shine on camera

What's included in the Video Bootcamp?

  • Short trainings on how to create videos, how to structure your short video content, and how to write compelling scripts
  • A 1:1 session with Cheryl on Zoom so you can map out your content strategy and start creating videos
  • A private Facebook Group Community where you will post your videos 
  • The ability to connect with accountability buddies to keep you on track

Who is this for?

  • Experts and executives who want to develop their on-camera presence
  • Coaches, consultants, authors, and entrepreneurs who have expertise they want to share
  • Business owners who want to *finally* start to take advantage of the power of video, but have been unsure how to make that happen 
  • Eternal students who have joined program after program trying to “get” video and haven’t ever created anything 
  • Busy people who don’t want to sit and watch lessons, they want to take action and create

Who is Cheryl Tan?

Cheryl Tan is a former TV news anchor, reporter, and host. She is taking what she learned in the newsroom to help leaders show up more professionally on camera.

What People Are Saying


"Cheryl has been instrumental in growing our marketing efforts! From the Video Bootcamp to one-on-one discussions with Cheryl about our company's specific needs, we have taken our marketing to the next level and are seeing results! Thank you, Cheryl, for the services you provide."

Joy Burton, Marketing Manager, Office Furniture Outlet


"Working with Cheryl Tan has been wonderful. Years of experience, attention to detail, and fun to collaborate with. Thank you!"

Scott Danner, CEO, Freedom Street Partners


"The Video Bootcamp offers valuable guidance for making video and using video for promoting your business. Cheryl's support during the process is unparalleled."

Kimberly Adams Tufts, Professor, Old Dominion University

Gain confidence in front of the camera by joining the Video Bootcamp today. We can't wait to see your videos. 

7 Modules + Community

Video Bootcamp

Video Bootcamp 1.0 Masterclasses

This is the program that started it all. These are time-honored lessons you can start to use TODAY to level up your video game.

Video Bootcamp 2.0 Masterclasses

As a program creator, it's so important to see where students get stuck. My hope is to make changes and encourage action in order to help participants in the Video Bootcamp achieve their goals. 

Video Bootcamp 2.0 is designed to push you to take incremental actions week by week. 

Remember, video is a muscle and practice makes confident. 

Modules for this video resource 7

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