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The Video Bootcamp

Live October 24th Cohort 

Become Confident on Camera in 4 Weeks

The Video Bootcamp is a cohort-based program that offers training, accountability, and support for leaders who finally want to show up with confidence on camera.

Join business professionals from around the country who are learning how to become visible online.

Unlike other courses, this is not passive learning. You will create 10 videos in four weeks, build lasting relationships, and learn what is possible for yourself and for your company when you start to share your message with more people.

Stop being stuck. 

Show up as yourself on video.

Secure your spot in the October 24th cohort!

Here’s a question…

Do you ever see videos from other experts in your space and you wonder how to even get started creating that type of content?

Or do you feel paralyzed by not knowing whether this would work for you or your company, yet you constantly think about it, and you worry it may not be not good enough? 

Maybe you created one video four years ago and then never picked up the camera again?

Or you have pages of great video topics lined up and you’re too busy to sit down and create?

You are not alone

In fact, you’re just like the Video Bootcamp alumni before they joined.

After going through The Video Bootcamp, students know now how to show up as themselves on camera, they know what to say, and they have created sustainable systems so they produce video content on a regular basis.

Due to this greater visibility, some are going on to speak on bigger stages, attracting new clients and partners, and building new streams of income.

Others have built audiences of raving fans, are being seen as experts in their industries, and have been able to cherry-pick new and exciting opportunities.

Do you want to join them?

Secure your spot in the October 24th cohort!

Is The Video Bootcamp Right For You?

If any of these resonate with you, then The Video Bootcamp may be a perfect fit.

You’ve probably heard video is a powerful tool to create connections. According to OptinMonster, 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. 

But getting your team to actually start creating? That’s another story. 

Here’s the problem. 

They’re uncomfortable on camera, they aren’t sure what to say, and they don’t have a system in place - yet - to create this video content. So they do nothing. And they lose out on opportunities to speak to potential clients, colleagues, to the media. 

Much of the anxiety we feel on camera comes from a lack of preparation.

The Video Bootcamp will change all of that.

Secure your spot in the October 24th cohort!

Here’s what our students and clients have to say:

Learn the fundamentals of creating videos online. 

 Take what you learn and publish videos - 10 videos (up to 3 minutes long) in 4 weeks.

 Develop and create content alongside other business professionals who are following the same path as you.

 Get feedback on what you have created - from yourself and from the Video Bootcamp community.

 Build relationships with experts around the country and use the group for accountability.

Who is your instructor?

I’m Cheryl Tan

I’m a former TV news anchor turned entrepreneur. I specialize in supporting business professionals who want to fully utilize the power of video and create a greater impact in the world.

Everyone has a story to tell. Our mission is to help you tell it better on video.

When we embrace this philosophy, we can shine on camera and connect with the people who need to hear what we have to say. I’ve used this approach to guide owners of multi-million dollar companies, executives in billion-dollar corporations, and solo business owners on a mission to make things better.

Before running my own consulting business, I worked in television stations in Georgia and Virginia. Today, you’ll find me training teams and executives on how to show up better on camera, supporting video creators in The Video Bootcamp community, and recording my podcast, the STANDOUT with Cheryl Tan Show, a program dedicated to supporting high-performing executives. 

The Video Bootcamp Schedule & Curriculum

One more thing...

You may be wondering if this effort is worth it.

Will it make a difference for you or for your company?

Couldn’t you just create and publish video content yourself? 

The answer is yes to both.

But if you’re reading this far, then maybe something else is holding you back. Maybe something else is keeping you from showing up the way you want to show up. Maybe you want someone to bounce ideas off. Maybe it would be beneficial to see how others succeed. 

Staring into a camera lens without a plan is just plain scary. 

We help you create the plan and carry it out. 

New ideas, new friends, new opportunities - all are possible when you start to create video content online.

Let’s do this. Together.

Secure your spot NOW in the October 24th cohort!

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