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Camera Ready in 5 Days Challenge

Ready to once and for all conquer your fears of being on camera, build your executive brand, and be seen as the expert in your field?

I’ve worked with dozens of executives who thought they could NEVER feel comfortable on screen, and now they can create a video or give a presentation on Zoom with ease. When they start to show up publicly, they get noticed at work.

Want my secrets?

Join the "Camera Ready in 5 Days" challenge!

🔥 Overcome the jitters of speaking on camera using strategies I developed as a TV news anchor.

🔥 Showcase your expertise to create videos that elevate your personal brand.

🔥 Boost your confidence and start enjoying creating video content.

If you want to finally get better on video so you can create content for LinkedIn or YouTube, or you want to speak on virtual stages anywhere, I’m here to help you get started, even if the thought of being on screen now makes you slightly nauseous.

I’ll give you the exact steps you can take to build your confidence so you can be camera ready in just 5 days!

This challenge includes fun prizes and rewards for making progress — there’s no reason we can’t have FUN shaking off your camera fears and discomfort.

I’m including:

-Lessons on lighting, tech, and sound so you can get started QUICKLY

-A private podcast you can listen to while on your lunch break to motivate you to start creating

-Strategies you can use for this challenge and beyond to come up with compelling ideas for video topics

Let’s do this together! The Camera Ready in 5 Days Challenge is $9. 

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