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My motto is to always keep things simple. 

We continue to get busier, our inboxes fuller, our social media feeds more crowded. 

The premise of this challenge is so very simple.

Record a video on your phone that is no more than 2 minutes long every day for 5 days.

After the 5th day, watch the five videos back and see what you learn from them.

You will ask yourself these two questions, "What do I love about these videos?" and "What would I improve?"

That's it. 

If you truly make the effort, you will see changes in your on-camera delivery and confidence after the end of the fifth video. If not, do another round of 5 videos. The point of this exercise is to show you the power of creating a little bit of consistent video content even if it's for a short period of time.

In the private podcast, and over the next few lessons, I'll share some guidelines for creating video content and for coming up with ideas. But the whole point of this challenge is to encourage you to create at least five videos on your phone. Let's get to it!

Lesson Activity

Video Transcript

In speaking with hundreds of people in online presentations, ▪ working with clients, with students, ▪ with organizations to help them feel more comfortable on camera. 

▪ Here's what I've learned about video success. ▪ Is we, in our heads, we we want that success. 

We want to be able to sit in front of a camera and speak intelligently ▪ and look great and sound great. 

▪ And then we go on social media or we get a video in the mail, we watch someone else's video, and ▪ we feel whatever we feel about that video. 

We think that that person is ▪ great. ▪ Not great. It doesn't matter. 

We're always comparing ourselves ▪ to that one person. ▪ ▪ What I found is missing. 

▪ ▪ Is in that analysis of ▪ ▪ am I gonna be like that person? 

Should I not be like that person? I just watched that video of is us actually doing the work. 

▪ ▪ So all that to say ▪ is this challenge ▪ is designed ▪ to ▪ ▪ push you ▪ to create videos. 

▪ And that means ▪ Take away the barriers. Like, no barriers to ▪ ▪ creating that video content. 

▪ Here are three steps that I want you to think about as you are creating your video content. 

▪ And we'll talk about this more ▪ in future videos in the private podcast, ▪ ▪ but I want you to use your phone. 

▪ I don't want there to be any barriers. So no technology barriers. 

▪ Use your phone, find the camera icon, click record. 

▪ But before you do that, ▪ here are three steps ▪ to ensure your video creation us. 

And the first one is to outline a script. 

▪ ▪ It doesn't mean that it should take more than 2 minutes to outline the script. 

▪ ▪ But ▪ outlining a script, ▪ blocking off the time, ▪ to actually create the video. 

And in our next slide, I'll show you what I mean by that. 

And then watch ▪ the video that you've created. 

▪ ▪ And this challenge ▪ is based on these three steps to success. 

▪ ▪ ▪ As far as the challenge itself goes, ▪ here are the challenge rules. 

This is how the challenge works. 

▪ ▪ I want you to pick a time of day to shoot videos ▪ ▪ 5 days in a row, ▪ ▪ 5 separate videos. 

You'll create. ▪ ▪ ▪ So let's say you are best in the morning. 

Wake up, brush your teeth, have some breakfast, ▪ get the kids off to school, ▪ ▪ and you know at that point in time, that's the best time of day for you to shoot a short video. 

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ So pick that time. 

Or maybe you're just better after the day is over and you've gotten all the day stuff done. 

▪ You're gonna sit down and shoot those videos before you go to bed. No problem. All good. 

But whatever it is, pick a specific time of day to shoot the videos. ▪ ▪ Pick a topic. 

▪ Um, and here you'll see on the screen, maybe it's a lesson you learned from the day before. 

Maybe it is a project that you're working on today. 

▪ Maybe it's a lesson that you plan to learn in the future because maybe you like to study things. 

Doesn't matter what it is. But for 5 days, use that as the theme for your videos. 

Please don't over complicate this. ▪ I know what you may be thinking. 

Oh, I could do a video on this and this and this, but really ▪ pick one ▪ ▪ overarching theme. 

And I'll just say because it's right here on the screen, Maybe it's a lesson you learned from the day before. 

▪ Maybe it's a lesson you learned from one particular ▪ coworker you have. 

Or one particular, ▪ um, author you ▪ admire, but don't over complicate You're gonna create 5 videos with a lesson that you learned from ▪ the day before or from this mentor ▪ or from your children. 

▪ ▪ Number 3, give yourself ▪ ▪ no more than 2 minutes to shoot this video. 

▪ Maybe it's 30 seconds. You're gonna say, I'll shoot a 30 second video. 

Maybe it's a 45 second video, but no more than 2 minutes. ▪ To shoot this video. 

▪ ▪ And ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ the video itself ▪ ▪ will not be more than 2 minutes, but I don't want you to to spend more than 2 minutes creating an outline either. 

▪ And we'll talk more about what goes in the video. In a future video. 

▪ But ▪ ▪ you're going ▪ to do this exercise for 5 days. 

So every day at breakfast time, you're gonna shoot a video for 5 days. 

And then you're gonna watch those videos ▪ after day 5, you'll set aside some time. 

Pull on pull up in your phone. Press play. And after each video, you're gonna answer 2 questions. 

▪ What did I love about this video? ▪ ▪ And ▪ what would I improve? 

▪ ▪ ▪ And these two simple questions help you think a little bit differently about the video that you've created. 

▪ ▪ And it will also ▪ show you how far you've come. 

▪ ▪ So ▪ underneath this video, there are questions you can answer. 

And the first one I'd love for you to answer is When will you shoot your videos? 

▪ And outside of that, don't think of anything else. 

When you're ready, go on to the next videos and answer those questions. 

▪ But in this video, in this lesson, ▪ Pick a time of day to shoot your videos and let me know in the question box below. ▪ ▪ 


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